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author of wellness books and books about Irish culture.

Look before you leap

The saying and direction of ‘Look before you leap’ is proverbial wisdom in many cultures, in Irish it is rendered as Dearc súl sula léim a thabhairt. Yes, cautious vigilance is no bad thing – It may even be the oldest survival advice. This version of looking and leaping is borrowed from the English whom […]


sowing the seeds of mindfulness

Seeds of Mindfulness: 101 Mindful Moments in the Garden, by Fiann Ó Nualláin offers readers andgardeners alike tools for making this idyllic pastime deeply enriching and rewarding. The author of ByTime Is Everything Revealed (also published by Ixia Press), shares his knowledge of gardening andmindfulness practices to help readers tap into the many benefits of […]


tie the haystacks

There is an interesting proverb that pertains to anxiety and worries; Níl aon ghá le heagla roimh neart na gaoithe má tá do chuid choca féir ceangailte síos – There’s no need to fear an ill wind if your haystacks are tied down. It reminds us that there is no need to fret if we […]


be the fox

There is old Irish proverb that states ‘Chan fhuair an madra rua teachdaire a riamh a b’fhearr ná é féin – The fox never found a better messenger than himself’. It is one that reminds how clever the fox is – to be so self-contained and present to his own needs but also wise to […]


learn a better life

The truth of the Irish proverb As an obair do fachtar an fhogh-luim Learning comes through work is that you can study the theoretics of car mechanics, quantum mechanics, bricklaying or physiotherapy but it is only in the real world of it, comes the confidence and flexing of skills that make one competent at it. […]