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author of wellness books and books about Irish culture.

Sow and reap

There is an Irish version of an universal proverb – An te chuireas, ‘se baineas – He that sows will reap. That’s often thought of as ‘put the effort in and you will gain, don’t and you wont’ – a sort of timely reminder to pull the finger out. In a mindful context, this seanfhocail could […]


Luck of the Irish

“The luck of the Irish” is a phrase that came out of the American and Canadian gold and silver rushes of  the 19th century, were quite a large number of the most successful strikes were by prospectors/miners of Irish or Irish-American birth. There was a bit of racism in it – as if we were just lucky to make […]


The seven invincible herbs

“There are seven herbs that nothing natural or supernatural can injure; they are vervain, John’s-wort, speedwell, eyebright, mallow, yarrow, and self-heal. But they must be pulled at noon on a bright day, near the full of the moon, to have full power.”  -ANCIENT LEGENDS, MYSTIC CHARMS, AND SUPERSTITIONS OF IRELAND WITH SKETCHES OF THE IRISH […]


I am…

Sometime in our prehistory, Amairgen glúngel mac Míl  aka Amergin (who came to claim Ireland as his own) set his right foot upon the shore of Ireland and pronounced the following magnificent utterence “Am gáeth i mmuir, Am tond trethan i tír, Am fúaim mara, Am dam secht ndírend, Am séig i n-aill, Am dér gréne, […]


By time is everything revealed

Explore an exciting new book from ixia press – all about how to become more mindful and emotionally resilient through the wisdom of  ancient Irish proverbs. Available from all good bookstores and online retailers.   Ixia press (a Dover Imprint) presents inspiring books on leadership, business, spirituality, and wellness that foster a spirit of personal […]


The power of three

The three good reasons of mindfulness.  Trí saghas incheann: inchinn reatha, inchinn cloiche, inchinn chéarach – The three kinds of brains: a running brain, a rock brain, a wax brain. In Ireland we have a long tradition of triads – poetic, insights clustered in threes; like the one quoted above. Three is quite a sacred […]