the power of a good word or two

The proverbial wisdom of Níor bhris focal maith fiacail riamh – A good word never broke a tooth reminds us that it is not a bad thing to praise or rejoice. It will not kill you to be nice, it will not ever chip a tooth to let some positivity pass your lips.  

So take the opportunity today to extend some gratitude or loving kindness towards another.  Positivity may not be coming your way at the moment but you can generate some of it into the world with a ‘thank you’ or a ‘compliment’.  The universe (and your neural networks) will not let that go unregistered.

On that note – why not register some positive affirmation, ditch the negative self-talk today for more positive self-talk this week.  Yes, compliment your own self. Let the loving kindness and compassion be inward directed. You can say it out loud, speak it to your self in the mirror, even have a pep talk with yourself. If you can manage a worry time, you can manage a little spell of encouragement.

Anxiety is driven with self-criticism and  assaults on our esteem and we are riven with it. There are enough fractious experiences in a day, that it would be good to hear some good news or positive evaluations, something to stop-gap or totally repair the chasm of doom and gloom, to build a bridge across the pit of despair and calamity. Give yourself a good news bulletin. Give yourself a ‘well done’ or ‘cheers’ for getting through the shitty day instead of spreading it more. Give yourself hope, positive feedback, encouragement.

It is more than ok to embrace the power of a kind word to lift the spirits of others and so it’s definitely ok if some of those words go to your own good self. I get that that can be hard, you maybe so used to the inner voice of watch out, oh no, and what if, that its not easy to shift gears but just for a moment ponder some of  your good points – you know you have them, they often get drowned out by the noise of your anxiety or depression but they are there. Find them now, be appreciative for them, be proud of them, be thankful, grateful, inspired by them.

Exercise.  Positive self-talkThree Compliments to build self esteem

This is a very simple exercise; I want you give yourself three compliments. You can do it in your head, you can do it to yourself in the mirror but why not write it down – go get a pen and paper and makes it a solid, noted, documented, statement. A contract with positivity.

Doesn’t matter how weak or how intense your ego today, any three will do. I like that I am …. (insert a good thing about yourself) … Repeat.

Maybe you are a good friend, a great lover, a not too bad cook, good at your job, helpful, handsome, clever, generous, witty, patient, diligent – you know your good traits, you don’t have to copy mine – I jest. Any three compliments you might have heard about yourself or any three skills or character traits you admire in your self is the ask. The list doesn’t have to be ranked in order of most desired, most flexed or best level of. Just note down three good things about yourself. 

Ok read it back and listen and absorb. Keep that on the fridge or in your wallet/purse for the week. Look at it often. See it. Know it. You have three good reasons to believe in yourself.

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