Luck of the Irish

“The luck of the Irish” is a phrase that came out of the American and Canadian gold and silver rushes of  the 19th century, were quite a large number of the most successful strikes were by prospectors/miners of Irish or Irish-American birth.

There was a bit of racism in it – as if we were just lucky to make it, not ingenious, skilled or diligent – but it soon lost that jealous veneer and came to signify another ‘charm’ of the Irish personality and outlook.

There is an old Irish proverb that says Ma’s fada a bhiosan t-agh, thig se fa dehireadh – Though luck may be long in coming, it comes at last. This tells a different story to ‘luck’ or ‘fortune’ just  being a random happenstance  – it suggests that luck might just be made through hard work and patience.

I am in New York  for the release of my Book – By time is everything revealed – and  I thank my lucky stars because gratitude is good and proper but I also acknowledge all my hard work and the support of family and friends in all the years and endeavours that lead up to this now. Luck is often earned. Luck is generally earned.

So in Ireland luck, fortune and fate are often the same thing. Good luck or bad luck can be attracted and even manipulated. In this proverb the lesson is all about perseverance, if you can wait long enough, endure or holdfast enough then things will change – be that circumstances or perception.

It hints and reminds that change will come – luck will turn and things will get or appear better. Sometimes distance or time is the healer and what was a problem, pressure or embarrassment yesterday will be minor one next week and nothing at all next month. so Hang on. It gets better. Better luck will come.

In a way its about being resilient while you wait for resilience to pay off. It is the brilliant wisdom to not waste time on despair, to have confidence in change – in the evolution of the situation, in the evolution of your self to move beyond situations of bad luck or misfortune – to even outwait a slow career or a steep hill to your destiny.

On another level it also says don’t worry – consider the lilies – you need not put effort in to being resilient and steadfast, you don’t have to think about it or give it energy – it will happen for you. You don’t need to dwell on how poor or bad your current luck is – because it’s going to change – it’s automatic.

That take on it frees you up to live – to be truly mindful. You can be mindful in this moment and not have to focus on how good or bad your luck is – your luck or grace or attainment or status makes no difference. Now is for now, the tomorrows will look after themselves.


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