it won’t Always be raining

There are many ways to talk about the weather but there are may insights in thinking about the weather. One of my favourites is from the Irish proverb Ní bheidh sé ag fearthainn i gcónaí – It won’t always be raining.

Some might say that’s a brave statement to make in Ireland, where four seasons in a day is the norm. But that’s the thing, there is no once a year monsoon season, just a lot of variety – it may seem like it rains every day, but it is also dry and even sunny for part of it too. Changeable is not always a bad assignation.  If you can wait a moment then suddenly the shower has ceased and the sunshine is breaking through again.

If we can also bear our moment of pain, it will ease. The depression will lift, the panic will abate, the mind will clear. We are not trapped in the situation for ever. Things are ever moving.  It may sometimes feel like an eternity to shift but it is just the next short while of intermittent discomfort.

It won’t always be raining is a proverb of encouragement, it says don’t be dragged down, this moment is fleeting, soon the sun will warm your face and dry your tears. It won’t always be raining is statement that no bad feeling lasts forever- change will come – better times are ahead. It is a powerful message and one that the understanding of, can radically change your life.  

‘It won’t always’ is the nugget of genius that evokes not just a perception shift but is all about positive reframing. The rain may be terrible but it’s also temporary. The rain may be discommoding but it doesn’t have to be as bad as your catastrophising personality wants to make out. Neither the rain nor your anxiety are permanent states. they won’t last for ever, they will pass and if there is more rain or pain later on, that too is momentary.

Of course, You don’t have to stand out in the rain when it comes, you can find shelter, you can get dry, you can make plans for sunnier days.

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