learn a better life

The truth of the Irish proverb As an obair do fachtar an fhogh-luim Learning comes through work is that you can study the theoretics of car mechanics, quantum mechanics, bricklaying or physiotherapy but it is only in the real world of it, comes the confidence and flexing of skills that make one competent at it. […]


the door to wisdom

According to the Irish proverb Doras feasa fiafraí, the door to wisdom is asking. And sure, how do you get an answer if you don’t ask the question? And that’s not a zen koan, that’s an immediacy that needs to be comprehended right now, not pondered until a mystical revelation manifests. There is no ambiguity […]


By time is everything revealed

Explore an exciting new book from ixia press – all about how to become more mindful and emotionally resilient through the wisdom of  ancient Irish proverbs. Available from all good bookstores and online retailers.   Ixia press (a Dover Imprint) presents inspiring books on leadership, business, spirituality, and wellness that foster a spirit of personal […]